Past Executive (2020-21)

Timothy YoungTimothy Young


Timothy Young (Tim) is a graduate student at York University researching pedestrian movement models in transportation terminals. He has collected movement data in stadiums, cultural centres, and transportation facilities to inform and develop pedestrian simulation models. With a special interest in transportation and public transit, Tim attended the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s Young Leaders Summit in 2019, with his team winning first prize in the design competition. When not working on virtual pedestrian models, Tim can be found building model railways or exploring transportation simulation through various computer games including Cities: Skylines. Tim also holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from Carleton University. Upon Graduation, Tim hopes to continue to apply his knowledge to design efficient public transportation and passenger rail stations and infrastructure.

Kathursan Loganathan

Vice President

Kathursan Loganathan is a fourth-year civil engineering undergraduate student at York University. Kathursan aspires to work as a professional engineer in the transportation industry. Kathursan’s area of interest includes freight transportation, geographic information systems (GIS) and transportation planning. Kathursan was Secretary of ITE (2019-2020) and now is Vice-President (2020-2021).

Ucchas Saha


Ucchas Saha is a MASc civil engineering student at York University. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2018. He has profuse experience in Public-Private Partnership projects which he gained during the time his working for Dhaka Bypass Expressway Development Company Limited. His research interest mainly includes transportation planning, freight transportation, traffic modelling, microsimulation, operation research, and system analysis etc. 

Samee Saiyed


Samee is a 4th year Civil Engineering undergraduate student at York University. Samee is interested in transportation infrastructure, transit, autonomous vehicles, and many other aspects of the continuously evolving field of transportation engineering. He has experience working on traffic and transit projects throughout the GTHA and has performed research on how transportation systems throughout North America have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Samee aspires to help society deal with pressing transportation issues such as the transition to environmentally friendly modes of transportation and the management of traffic and public transit.

Appointed Directors

Ariel Yerushalmi

Operations Director

Ariel is a civil engineering undergraduate student at York University. While completing her third year in the program, Ariel found an interest in Transportation Engineering. In such, Ariel has been conducting research on airports and their associated landside facility traffic throughout the summer and continues to do so. Furthermore, Ariel has an innate interest in autonomous vehicles and their gradual integration into society. Upon graduation, Ariel hopes to work in the transportation industry to partake in the development of efficient and advanced transport systems.

Elanakayon Annalingam 

Events Director

Elanakayon Annalingam is a 2nd year Masters Student in Transportation Engineering at York University. This is his third year at ITE YorkU Chapter, as he has been the Operations Director in the past year, and the Undergraduate Liaison in the year prior. In the upcoming year, he hopes to be an effective Events Director to help plan, organize, and coordinate the events that the chapter has planned. In terms of his interests in transportation, he is currently examining truck parking patterns and with a recent focus on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic at distribution centresHe has also developed a passion for public transit that through his commutes in his undergrad, and he can probably tell you how to get from point A to point B in Toronto through the TTC.  

David TranDavid Tran

Communications Director

David is a third-year civil engineering student at York University. He has a strong passion for the transportation industry primarily in the fields of freight and rail transportation as well as modelling transportation systems and road design. He continues to strengthen his passion by expanding his software knowledge through training and self-teaching and pushes himself through various engineering competitions gaining practical experience in applying skills to various scenarios. After completing his undergraduate degree, David aims to work in a transportation-related field that puts safety and accessibility first.

Urooma Samoon

Undergraduate Liaison

Urooma is a fourth-year civil engineering undergraduate student at York University. During her third year at Lassonde, Urooma took transportation-related courses which allowed her to spark an interest in the field of transportation. Urooma has an interest in transportation-based modelling as well as autonomous vehicles and their impact on society and transportation engineering. Through ITE, Urooma hopes to learn more about the transportation industry and the various transport systems that exist.

Gian Cruz

Community Advancement Director

Gian Is a civil engineering undergraduate student at York University. During his third year of the program, Gian was introduced to a branch of civil engineering by the name of transportation engineering. This section sparked an interest in highway and road design, traffic flow theory, and traffic safety. This interest was only strengthened through Gian’s internship with the TTC that has shown him how effective transportation systems were designed and developed, prioritizing the stakeholder’s best interests. Upon graduation, Gian hopes to use his skills and interests to work for an engineering constant firm that will focus on engineering design.

Abrar, TanvirTanvir Chowdhury


Tanvir is a PhD civil engineering student at York University. He completed his BSc and MSc in civil engineering in 2013 and 2016 at the Islamic University of Technology (IUT-OIC) in Bangladesh. He has four years of industry experience as a Road Design Engineer & Technical Project Coordinator with Snowy Mountain Engineering Corporation (SMEC). Tanvir's research areas of interest include autonomous vehicles, freight transportation, transportation safety, highway geometric design, mesoscopic and microscopic simulation, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). Tanvir was the founding ITE YorkU Events Director for the 2018-19 academic year.

Vacant Positions: Media and Financial directors, interested persons can apply through the form linked here.


Gingerich, KevinDr. Kevin Gingerich

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Kevin Gingerich is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering with a focus on transportation studies. Dr. Gingerich received his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the University of Windsor, during which time he was awarded an NSERC PGS-D scholarship. His work was conducted for the Cross-Border Institute where he focused on Canada-U.S. trade via truck data processing, analysis, and modelling. Dr. Gingerich’s research interests include transportation network modelling, freight transportation, GIS spatial analysis, and discrete choice modelling.