CITE Outstanding Student Chapter Award 2022

ITE York U has become the recipient of multiple awards from both academic and professional institutions. These include the CITE Student Chapter Activity Delta Award and Outstanding Student Chapter Award achieved throughout our work on hosting over 80 events dedicated to showcasing transportation engineering.



We have participated in the CITE collegiate traffic bowl for 3 years. The first year we emerged as finalists and the 2nd year we won the competition.



We were selected by the Transportation Association of Canada Foundation to be the 2019 Student Activities Fund recipient. The same year, we received the York University President’s Sustainability Leadership Award.



Additionally, representatives from our group have been participating in the Annual Joint Student Presentation Competition co-organized by the Toronto, Hamilton Area, and Southwestern Ontario Sections of ITE since 2019 and the Canadian Capacity Guide for Signalized Intersections (CCG) Student Competition. We have won several awards in the undergraduate and graduate categories.